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Actor and game show host Chuck Woolery responded to pro-Clinton celebrities producing a political advertisement critical of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The advertisement features a number of actors and actresses calling for voters to take a stand against Trump.

In the ad, actor Don Cheadle calls the New York businessman a “racist, abusive coward”, and Saturday Night Live player Taran Killam cautions against voting for a commander-in-chief best known for “firing things.”

“When the cultured Hollywood Marxists get together in their sheep pen…it’s like they all follow each other because they’re afraid to do anything else,” Woolery, who worked in Hollywood for 45 years as host of ‘Love Connection’ among other programs, said on Fox & Friends.

“You [go to Hollywood] for one reason—you want to work. It’s not important to know anything as long as there is a teleprompter.”

“There has to be a backlash against this kind of P. C. [political correctness],” Woolery said.

However, Woolery said he was critical of Trump’s “idea of tariffs” on foreign goods, remarking that it was similar to things the “last businessman” to be president [Herbert Hoover] wanted.

Woolery, originally a Cruz supporter who now supports Trump, also reacted to the Texas senator endorsing the nominee on Friday.

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