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Judge Andrew Napolitano says that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is making a "very, very ill-advised" decision by not releasing dash cam and body cam videos of the fatal police shooting of Keith Scott.

"No matter what is in that tape, which only the police and the family have seen, it gives the impression that there's something that the police want to hide," Napolitano said on "Your World" today.

He added that "harrowing" cell phone video of the shooting, which was captured by Scott's wife and released to The New York Times today, only puts more pressure on the department to release the videos.

Napolitano said that the wife's cell phone video is somewhat ambiguous, but it gives the impression that an unarmed, mentally impaired person was shot in cold blood by the police.

"If the police have a version of these events that tempers the effect of that, they ought to release it," Napolitano said. "And even if their version of events supports it, they ought to release it."

He explained that citizens are angry, and the department's lack of transparency will only "exacerbate" the unrest and violence.

"If they have some evidence to show another version of it, they better get that out there or these things are going to get even worse," Napolitano said. "When you hide something, you give the impression to the people from whom you're hiding it that it's going to make you look worse."

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