Judge Jeanine Pirro sounded off on Fox & Friends on the riots in Charlotte, North Carolina, over the fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer. 

The Justice host said that Wednesday night's riots were caused by "anarchists" who traveled to Charlotte specifically to "make trouble," not to protest. 

"What happened Wednesday night was horrific. I think all Americans needed to take stock of the rioters. These were not protesters, they were rioters. They were people who were tearing the fabric of our community apart. They were anarchists!" she explained. 

Police said that 70 percent of those arrested on Wednesday night were not from Charlotte, Steve Doocy pointed out. 

"Is that any surprise?" Pirro asked.

"They go around the country and make trouble and it's the people in the community who suffer. ... The African-Americans who are victims of black-on-black crime," said Pirro. 

She added that the anti-police riots are meant to drive a narrative ahead of Election Day. 

"They need this narrative. This is all about the election," said Pirro, arguing that George Soros and Black Lives Matter are trying to motivate African-American voters to support Hillary Clinton.

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