College students at a California campus got to play in an "adult ball pit" as part of an event to teach them to avoid certain phrases that could hurt people's feelings. 

The "vent tent" at California State University-Northridge was meant to emphasize to students, over the course of a week, that "non-inclusive language" can have a negative effect on others.

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A student-led nonprofit organization ran the event, reportedly spending $1,000 on video, print-outs, the ball pit and a "Price Is Right"-style wheel of offensive phrases.

Those included obviously inappropriate terms like "bitch, whore and fag." "Illegal immigrant" and "illegal alien" were also called out. 

The students then shared why some of these phrases might be offensive to someone else. For example, saying something is "crazy" could make light of mental illness.

Watch the video below and read more, via Heat Street.

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