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Americans have a right to protest, but the violent riots that have broken out in Charlotte in recent days are simply unacceptable, Bill O'Reilly said in his Talking Points Memo tonight.

"What every responsible American should agree with is that you cannot break the law by looting, setting things on fire, harming people under any circumstances," O'Reilly stated.

He said that most "fair-minded people" would let the investigation into the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott play out before taking action, let alone violent action.

"Now, I am fully aware that some African-Americans don't trust the police or any investigative process in general. And some have good reasons not to trust," O'Reilly acknowledged. "But that does not give you license to go on a rampage."

"[The] violence in Charlotte is deplorable. Sincere protest? Admirable. Looting and hurting other people? Unacceptable. Completely."

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