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A 28-year-old African-American man taking part in the protests in Charlotte told Steve Harrigan he wasn’t there to commit violenct acts or protest the death of Keith Scott in particular, but instead draw attention to what he called “the bigger cause”.

“If he had a gun, I understand. If he didn’t, it just makes the situation worse.”

“It’s not just about this [case], but the cases across the United States every single day,” the man said, referring to allegations of police brutality against minorities.

“Younger people are even more angry [than their elders]. I feel like there’s a disconnect in different races—in how we raise people in general.”

“If you don’t give a young person—white, black, Asian, Mexican—a reason to be happy to live in America they’re going to be angry.”

The man said he had two young children and instead of creating confrontation, he asks them to be respectful to them.

“I tell my son every day…respect the police. I respect the police.”

“People [I protested with this afternoon] were calling them names. I don’t think that they’re [bad individuals]. The same way you want us to hold our peers accountable, we want you to hold your peers accountable.”

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