Comedian Frank Caliendo returned to the Fox & Friends couch this morning, where he cracked up Steve, Ainsley and the whole crew with his spot-on impersonations.

Of course, first up was Donald Trump. Caliendo joked that his wife is urging people to vote for Trump so that Frank can do the impression for the next four years. 

Caliendo said Hillary Clinton is tough to imitate, other than her yelling, and that he hasn't come up with an impersonation for her yet. 

He also brought out some old favorites, like Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. And he even had a Fox News-themed impersonation of Dennis Miller on The O'Reilly Factor.

Check out the hilarious segment above and go here for info on Caliendo's upcoming appearances.

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On The Factor, Bill O'Reilly played the tape for Miller, who was "honored" to be impersonated by "the best impressionist on the planet Earth."

"He has cut to my very essence!" said Miller. 

Watch below.