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“This is an American tragedy,” former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Wednesday on The Kelly File, describing hundreds of people demonstrating in downtown Charlotte, N.C., caught on video antagonizing police officers and vandalizing businesses.

The protests occurred in the wake of the shooting death of a black man officials say brandished a gun at law enforcement, as the county's police chief reported in an exclusive interview.

“Fifty-three years after Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech; eight years after the election of an African-American president…race relations are decaying in this country.”

“Schools that don’t work, neighborhoods with no jobs, random violence, a sense of being powerless even though there is an African-American president,” Gingrich said.

He lamented the fact that major Democratic leaders have not intently reacted to repeated events of anti-police protests and urban violence.

“Over 3,000 people shot in Chicago…but no national reaction: Obama doesn’t notice it, Clinton doesn’t notice it.”

“The country at large will not tolerate this kind of random violence. People will not tolerate looting…closing Interstate 85-- burning things.”

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