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A standoff between law enforcement and protesters turned ugly overnight after a Charlotte police officer fatally shot a black man, leading to damaged patrol cars and at least 16 injured officers.

Police say 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was repeatedly to drop his handgun before an officer shot and killed him Tuesday afternoon, but many demonstrators are still furious.

B.J. Murphy, an outspoken supporter of the Nation of Islam, spoke at a press conference today, calling for an economic boycott of Charlotte.

"We're watching our black men this week being gunned down, and there's no redress for our grievances of black people being killed," Murphy said.

He called for an independent investigation into if Scott indeed had a handgun when he was killed.

In the meantime, Murphy said he's calling for an economic boycott of the whole city.

"Since black lives do not matter for this city, then our black dollars shouldn't matter," Murphy said. "We're calling on all black people in Charlotte to keep your money in your pocket. And let the city of Charlotte - with their great shiny buildings and skyscrapers and Panthers and Hornets and all that - keep your money in your pocket."

"Let everybody feel the pain economically of what we're feeling physically when you kill us."

Watch Murphy's remarks above.

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