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VA Man Faces Felony for Wearing 'Scream' Mask in Public

An Arizona mom thought of an unforgettable way to teach her young daughter not to un-buckle her seat belt. 

Michelle Fortin told KPHO-TV that she was driving home last week when her 3-year-old daughter unbuckled the restraint on her car seat. 

Camille's mischievous action caused her brother to scream and Michelle quickly pulled over to re-buckle Camille. 

Thinking her daughter may not have fully understood the danger involved, Michelle called in the Scottsdale PD!

"Her safety was at risk, so I took it for what it was - a teachable moment," she explained. 

Officers agreed to come out to teach Camille and her brother a friendly lesson about seat belt safety. And Camille agreed to always keep her seat belt buckled.

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