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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) warned this morning on America's Newsroom that the Obama administration's policies toward radical Islam will lead to "another 9/11."

Graham (R-SC) has said that suspected NY-NJ bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami should be treated as an enemy combatant for intelligence-gathering purposes.

Judge Andrew Napolitano disagreed, however, saying an American citizen can never be stripped of due process under the Constitution. 

Graham pushed back today, telling Martha MacCallum that there is legal precedent for treating an American citizen as an enemy combatant if he or she "joins enemy forces."

He pointed to two Supreme Court decisions, 1942's Ex parte Quirin and 2004's Hamdi v. Rumsfeld, to back up this point.

MacCallum said that Graham appears to be making the leap that Rahami is part of a foreign enemy force, which has not been proven.

"To become an enemy combatant is a very narrow definition, and the government has to prove to a federal judge you are in fact an enemy combatant," Graham acknowledged.

He admitted that's unlikely to happen because the Obama administration "weak and ineffective" at combating radical Islamic terror.

"Donald Trump is right. It's hard to fight something if you won't define what it is," Graham said. "So, these people have turned the war into a crime. We're losing a lot of intelligence and another 9/11 is coming because of this incompetence."

Trump spoke out Monday against Rahami having access to top-notch legal and medical care while in police custody in New Jersey.

Rahami is suspected of planting a bomb in a New York City dumpster that injured 31 people, with an unexploded device later found nearby on Saturday night.

A small explosive device went off, but injured no one, earlier Saturday in Seaside Park, New Jersey, along the route of a planned military charity run. Unexploded devices were found Sunday night at a train station in Elizabeth, N.J.

Where do you come down in this argument?

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