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Discussing the police-involved shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott in North Carolina, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney told Megyn Kelly in an exclusive interview that “all the evidence” in the case supports the chronology reported by law enforcement.

Scott was shot and killed after an officer observed him exiting his car with a handgun. The officer approached Scott’s vehicle and told him to drop the weapon.

After exiting the vehicle once more, Scott was still brandishing the handgun.

At that time, Scott continued to disobey "clear, verbal commands" and the officer mortally wounded Scott. Both men involved were black.

We have “your truth, my truth and the truth,” Putney said on The Kelly File.

“I have to deal in the truth and I have to deal in the facts. The version you hear from me is based on [our] evidence and…[descriptions from] witnesses.”

“[There is] no doubt whatsoever that [Scott had a gun],” Putney said, dismissing accounts of some of Scott’s family that alleged the gun was “planted” by law enforcement.

“I have nothing to gain by [fabricating facts],” he said.

While Putney was being interviewed, a protest in downtown Charlotte that attracted hundreds of people over the previous few hours began to turn violent, with demonstrators trying to smash the windows of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the looting of a souvenir shop, as Steve Harrigan reported from the scene.

“We’ve been patient [with the protesters] but they’ve become very aggressive and it is time for us to restore order,” the chief said.

Putney said his officers were doing “heroic work” as they attempted to restore order in Charlotte.

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