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A school cafeteria worker in Pittsburgh quit her job over what she calls a new “lunch-shaming” policy.

Stacy Koltiska, who worked in Wylandville Elementary School's cafeteria for two years, says that the school is denying children hot lunches in order to get parents to pay for overdrawn lunch accounts.

Koltiska told KDKA that she resigned last week after having to take hot meals away from two children, making one of them cry.

“His eyes welled up with tears. I’ll never forget his name, the look on his face,” she said.

Koltiska took to Facebook to rail against the new policy and the school district.

Koltiska explained that the new policy was passed over the summer for grades K - 6 in the Canon-McMillan School District.

It mandates that the hot school lunch item will be replaced by a sandwich if $25 or more is owed to the district for lunches.

"It comes down to profits over people, but this time the people are our children," Koltiska wrote on Facebook. "I already resigned, so please forward and spread the word. I am only one voice, but if we all come together and voice our outrage, just maybe they will change this policy."

Superintendent Matthew Daniels told KDKA that the policy is all about collecting money owed, and parents are notified of lunch balances every week.

“There has never been the intent with the adoption of this policy to shame or embarrass a child,” Daniels said.

She explained on Fox & Friends that she felt ashamed of herself when she had to take back a tray of chicken from a child whose parents owed money and replace it with a cheese sandwich.

"As a parent and a mother and a Christian, it's unimaginable. It's every disgusting adjective I can think of. ... God called and I answered," she said. 

Koltiska said she feels bad that the "great school" is now receiving bad publicity, but felt she had to speak out against the policy.

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