Donald Trump asked at a rally Monday why the New York-New Jersey terror suspect, an American citizen of Afghan descent, will now be afforded top-notch legal and medical care

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) argued that Ahmad Khan Rahami should be treated as an enemy combatant for intelligence-gathering purposes, though Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that a person cannot be stripped of due process under the Constitution. 

On Outnumbered today, Amb. John Bolton said that it's a different "paradigm" where laws of war should be applied.

"There's no due process on the battlefield in Afghanistan or in Iraq," said Bolton, adding that the terrorism battlefield now extends everywhere in the world.

Bolton said he wants to know more about Rahami's citizenship application, noting that a person can "renounce American citizenship by engaging in conduct with our enemies."

Meghan McCain wholeheartedly agreed with Sen. Graham, arguing that "animals" who attack Americans in this way should be treated differently and lose their civil liberties.

"It's time to evolve on the way that we approach this. He certainly didn't consider himself an American, so why should I?" she asked.

Where do you come down in this argument?

Watch the Outnumbered discussion above.

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