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“Americans are fed up with this,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said of perceived ‘weakness and ineptitude’ on behalf of the federal government in the fight against terrorism.

“We hear [after the fact] the FBI knew about someone, that nothing happens to any of these people… and then these wives disappear,” she said, agreeing with host Sean Hannity’s comparison between the lead up to the Carter-Reagan 1980 election and the current day.

Hannity said that Ronald Reagan won in-part because Jimmy Carter’s foreign policy made America appear weak on the world stage—referencing the Iran hostage crisis.

“The world was safer as he built up our military—‘peace through strength’,” Hannity said of Reagan.

“It’s insanity when we got these guys beating their wives…hating gays…and we are bringing them to this country,” Pirro said regarding immigrants who have been radicalized.

Responding to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s declaration that the Chelsea, N.Y. bombing was an “intentional act”, Pirro said: “I’ve been in criminal justice 30 years and never heard that [phrase] before,” alluding to de Blasio’s hesitance to label the attack as terrorism.

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