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“It’s official: President Obama is scared,” Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday on The Five.

“How do you know? He’s getting desperate. On Sunday, he said sexism is hurting Hillary’s White House bid--this from some no-name guy who stole some woman’s job eight years ago,” he said.

Obama defeated Hillary Clinton in a contentious Democratic presidential primary in 2008.

“Everybody knew Hillary. Back then, being the first black trumped being the first female.”

“Good thing there wasn’t a transgendered Native American running or both their clocks would’ve been cleaned,” he remarked.

Gutfeld said Obama’s “whining” about alleged sexism, purportedly from Republican Donald Trump’s camp, “means Obama knows Hillary’s in trouble—When in doubt blame patriarchy.”

He then referenced Obama telling a Congressional Black Caucus gala that it would be a “personal” insult if black voters didn’t support Clinton.

“Obama’s grabbing at more straws than Michael Moore at a milkshake factory—If only he took terror this personally.”

“Trump has momentum because Hillary has ‘nomentum’,” Gutfeld said.

Watch Gutfeld’s full remarks above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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