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A former Islamic extremist now working as an anti-terrorism crusader with the Quilliam Foundation spoke with Megyn Kelly to break down the latest developments in the investigation into Tri-State area bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami.

Rahami traveled to Quetta, Pakistan, a city in the volatile Baluchistan region bordering southern Afghanistan.

“The city of Quetta isn’t a city you just go and visit in Pakistan,” Maajid Nawaz said on The Kelly File.

“Afghans [like Rahami] aren’t originally from Quetta, so it would be strange for him to have family based [there]. It’s [also] a warzone…there’s a civil war in Quetta.”

“That in itself should’ve raised alarm bells for authorities,” Nawaz said, likening the trip to an American deciding to visit Belfast during the IRA bombings.

“No one just gets up and lives in Quetta for a year.”

Regarding recent reported developments that Rahami’s wife and mother may have known their kin was becoming ‘radicalized’, Nawaz said it is “almost impossible for close family members… not to be aware. And, in some cases [they] sympathize with their spouse.”

The former extremist also said he had seen terrorists’ chat forums that say terror groups like ISIS wish to cause disruptions as it gets closer to the American election.

“[They say] a Donald Trump win would make it easier to radicalize others,” Nawaz said.

“Extremists point to heads of state clearly antagonistic to them…so they can say they are at war with Muslims.”

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