A Democratic candidate for the US House of Representatives in Florida created a firestorm when he made controversial remarks about his opponent while participating in a candidate forum, the Daily Caller reported.

Democrat Randy Perkins verbally confronted his Republican opponent, Brian Mast, for an attack ad that claimed Perkins “scammed a school district”, according to the Palm Beach Post.

“I called you on the phone after my primary,” Mast says, regarding the dispute, in the forum video, “I’m not going to go out there and sue stations.”

Perkins responds: “You’ll let the [National Republican Congressional Committee] do your dirty work…so be a man and stand behind your ads.”

“I’m constantly a man,” Mast replies.

“You’re hiding behind the NRCC,” Perkins says.

Mast served in Afghanistan as a U.S. Army bomb technician, and lost both of his legs while working to defuse an explosive device.

Recently, Perkins’ lawyers convinced media outlets to stop airing the advertisement in question—calling it “false, misleading and deceptive”, the paper reported.

The ad references a dispute between a disaster-relief company and a Broward County school district whose facilities were affected by Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Auditors for the school district said it overpaid his company more than $700,000 for repairs to portable classrooms, an allegation Perkins’ company disputed in court.

The two are vying for the seat vacated by Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy, who is running for Senate against Marco Rubio.