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The father of the man suspected in the New York and New Jersey bombings claims he called the FBI on his own son two years ago.

Ahmad Khan Rahami's father, Mohammad, spoke to reporters outside his home in Elizabeth, N.J., on Tuesday.

"Two years I called the FBI, my son, he's doing very bad, OK?" Rahami said. "But they check it almost two months... They say he's not a terrorist. I said, 'OK.' Now they say he is a terrorist. I say, 'OK.'"

Apparently, Mohammad Rahami reported his son in 2014, not because he suspected him of being radicalized, but because he was interested in gang activity and watching violent videos.

The FBI's Newark field office investigated Rahami, but found no basis to continue the investigation, Rick Leventhal reported this afternoon.

"Our source said that those allegations washed out. Rahami was not deemed suspicious at that time," Leventhal said. "Now, they're revisiting that."

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