A store owner in Linden, New Jersey described to Shepard Smith what he saw as police engaged a gunman wanted in connection with bombings in New Jersey and New York City and took him into custody

Peter Bilinskas, who owns a bowling shop, said he was at his desk when he heard gunfire outside. He went to the window and saw a man walking down the street with a handgun. 

He said he first thought the man might have been a police officer looking for someone, but then police arrived and the man took "about six shots" at the police car, he recalled.

"At that point, I moved away from my plate-glass window and moved out of the line of fire," said Bilinskas.

He said he saw the gunman walk away from the scene and out of view. Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Afghanistan, was wounded and arrested shortly thereafter. 

Another witness said the shootout "sounded like war."

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