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“I will bring an end to senseless acts of violence—one thing you have to do is degrade [them],” Donald Trump said of terrorist organizations and terror cells who threaten the United States.

“They feel emboldened, they feel wonderful,” he told Bill O’Reilly, “They’re now in 28 countries—this is during Hillary Clinton’s tenure. That is disgraceful.”

“They’re getting good public relations because they look like they’re beating the United States,” Trump said of the Islamic State.

O’Reilly asked Trump about his reported plans to profile in earnest to help prevent bad actors from entering the US.

“We have no choice,” Trump said, “Israel does it.”

Trump later said he did not want to singularly profile Muslim populations, but instead people or groups on somewhat of a case-by-case basis.

“Current practices are too politically correct,” he said.

Regarding the capture of the terror suspect in the New York and New Jersey bombings over the weekend, Trump said lone wolf attacks continue to be a threat to the homeland.

“It’s going to get worse under this administration and with Hillary Clinton.”

Trump also criticized Clinton for aggressive rhetoric against the Republican nominee, which included labeling him terrorists’ “sergeant of recruitment”.

“It’s just words, Bill, given [to Clinton] by Madison Avenue ad agencies. I know how to win—we don’t win.”

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