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After Tri-State terror suspect Ahmad Rahami returned from a “vacation” in Afghanistan, “he was a new person”, a friend of the New Jersey man told Shepard Smith.

“When I actually spoke to him [after his trip], he looked completely different,” Flee Jones said on Shepard Smith Reporting.

“We never really talked about [what he did] over there, as I really didn’t care what was going on,” Jones said.

Rahami only told Jones that he had recently been “working on cars”, when Jones saw him last inside his family’s fried chicken restaurant in downtown Elizabeth, N.J.

Rahami was born in Afghanistan, but is a naturalized United States citizen.

When Rahami returned, Jones said he wore more Muslim-type garb, rather than “normal attire”, he told Smith.

“He was quiet and didn’t talk as much.”

Jones said the family was always “nice, helpful people—they never gave me any problems.”

He said he originally found out Rahami was "on vacation" in Afghanistan, during his absence from the area, from the suspect’s younger brother when he visited the family’s eatery.

Rahami was captured Monday after a shootout with police in neighboring Linden, N.J., just across the Goethals Bridge from the Staten Island borough of New York City.

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