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“We treat failed terror different than successful terror,” Greg Gutfeld said Monday on The Five.

“The only difference between one outcome and another is luck,” he said in response to the terrorist bombings in New York City and Ocean County, New Jersey.

“Even if no one innocent dies, we must pretend otherwise,” he said.

A suspect, Ahmad Rahami, was captured by police following a shootout in Linden, N.J, near Newark.

“The upside of not letting attacks rattle you deflates the role of the fiend. The downside [is that] we seem to have gotten used to it,” Gutfeld said.

“If it were were 29 deaths instead of 29 injuries we would act differently.”

“It’s no different than leaving front door open because you haven’t been robbed yet--Terror is an organism that learns from failure.”

“The best response [to terror] is a ‘holey’ one—filling a fiend full of holes.”

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