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Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn (Ret.) says that we're losing the war against radical Islam because we're afraid to name, let alone destroy, the enemy.

"We can beat them, but we have to decide that this is an enemy first," Flynn said of ISIS and other Islamist groups. "We're being accused of all sorts of name-calling ... this is crazy."

"We are in a war. They have declared war on us."

Flynn said that's why he's "100-percent" supporting Donald Trump, because the Republican nominee will actually acknowledge the threat we face.

"Political correctness kills," Flynn said. "It will cause death, and we can't have that."

"I'm going to be very candid here. You don't have a lot of people yelling 'Jesus Christ!' and putting a knife in somebody's body or putting a knife in somebody's head. This is a different enemy. It's an enemy that we have not, frankly, understood in a couple administrations, and we definitely don't understand them right now."

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