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Ahmad Khan Rahami, a suspect in the weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey, was known to law enforcement, according to Catherine Herridge's reporting.

Herridge told Shepard Smith today that Rahami had had some prior contact with authorities, although it was not recent.

She said it has not been confirmed if that interaction was with local, state or federal law enforcement.

"Based on my experience, this is a huge development to capture him alive," Herridge said.

She explained that authorities will likely search his pockets, his phone and his social media accounts, trying to determine a motive.

Herridge also noted that Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson recently told her that it is becoming more common not to have specific or credible information about a potential threat in the lead-up to an attack.

"It's what's sort of happening underneath the radar, largely due to encryption, that is almost impossible to disrupt. And the person who's going to disrupt it is going to be, perhaps, a person on the street or the local cop."

Elizabeth, N.J., Mayor Chris Bollwage said this afternoon that the man was not on the radar of local authorities, but authorities investigated code violations and noise complaints at the family's fried chicken restaurant in the city. 

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