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In the latest edition of Campus Craziness, Brit Hume discussed four incidents, including two at the University of California-Berkeley-- one involving a “femme sex class” and another in which a student made allegations of anti-Semitic sentiments being made at a conference.

One class at the Golden State school, which explores human sexuality, now requires students to sign a contract restricting them from dating or “hooking-up” with classmates, Hume reported.

The contract reads: “I agree that I will not engage in an act of hooking-up with a classmate or facilitator during this semester.”

Those that break the contract will be asked to leave the class or receive a ‘not-pass’.

The class has been student-taught since its inception in 1993.

Elsewhere on campus, two Jewish students alleged they were not welcome in one of the campus’ ‘safe spaces’.

At the school’s “Students of Color Conference”, statements were made reportedly legitimizing the murder of Israeli civilians, as well as denial of the Holocaust, the students alleged in Tower magazine.

The university said on their website the conference is “known for providing safe space for students of color and their allies.”

At Colorado College, a student alleged that the school's health and wellness class curriculum is a form of “body shaming.”

The student told the Feminist Wire that the classes “foster a culture of body shaming even for male students.”

Hume also discussed another two cases of ‘safe space’ controversy, this time at Duke and Brown.

Watch the full clip above to find out what went on, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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