Gutfeld on Preventing Terror Attacks: If 'No One Dies, We Must Pretend Otherwise'

WATCH: NJ Store Owner Describes Cops' Shootout with Terror Suspect

The appearance of Tri-State area terror suspect Ahmad Rahami “becoming more devout [and] radicalized” was “the key” to the investigation into possible terror cell ties and motives in the bombings over the weekend.

“We tried to prevent [this type] of radicalization” while fighting Al Qaeda, Shaffer said on The Kelly File.

This is “not a lack of capability, it’s a policy decision not to do the right thing to get to [people like Rahami],” he said.

“All the signs [of radical Islamism] were there,” Brigitte Gabriel said, alluding to the targets being along a race course set up to benefit a Marine charity on the Jersey Shore, and a neighborhood in New York frequented by the gay community.

“[Authorities] were familiar with him,” she said.

“It’s coming from the top. The agents have shackles around their ankles. [They can’t act independently or] they’d lose their job,” Gabriel added, pointing to the Obama administration.

Author Brad Thor said the dismantling of the NYPD’s demographics unit also contributed to the possibility attacks like these could occur.

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