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Saturday on Justice, Judge Jeanine Pirro fired back at Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton—and several of her surrogates—who have accused Donald Trump of being divisive and engendering racial strife.

“This week, Hillary’s all better, and she and her surrogates call on all Americans—all but us ‘Deplorables’—to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric—through their own divisive rhetoric!” Pirro said in her Opening Statement.

“Hillary is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues,” she said, playing a clip of Clinton last week accusing Trump of “describ[ing] the black community in such insulting and ignorant terms.”

“Isn’t Donald Trump speaking to the problems of the minority communities in inner cities? Maybe your recent health issues have prevented you from grasping the reality of inner city crime,” Pirro said, adding that her criticisms of Trump could easily be an indictment of her own actions.

“You choose to create division—you look for a target: the police, Donald Trump, a common enemy. Then you promise the world and you have the gall to actually say “imagine someone who distorts the truth to fit a very narrow view of the world…who sees someone who doesn’t look like him and agree with him, and thinks that person must not be a real America.”

“This is exactly what you said when you called us ‘deplorable’,” Pirro said.

“I know you have double-vision and memory problems—documented by the FBI—but your hypocrisy is stunning. You’re the ‘hater’. You’re the one who said ‘we are above all that’.”

“If I didn’t know history better I would’ve thought Donald Trump started the Civil War—[between] Republicans [including] Abraham Lincoln, and Democrats who wanted to keep slaves,” she said.

She also slammed Clinton for criticizing Trump on the Barack Obama ‘birther’ issue—something she said was actually started by longtime Clinton advisor Sidney Blumenthal—which reportedly caused the former secretary of state to apologize to then-Candidate Obama.

“Wouldn’t that make Hillary the racist?” she asked.

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