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While Donald Trump campaigned in Miami, Florida late Friday, Sean Hannity spoke with two African-American preachers who have voiced their support for the Republican presidential nominee.

“A prime example for young entrepreneurs white or black is Donald Trump,” Rev. C.L. Bryant said on Hannity.

“When Donald Trump said ‘what do you have to lose’, it rang a bell in the black community,” Rev. Darrell Scott said, “It caused [them to] become introspective and contemplative…and say “you know, that guy is right.”

“When they examine…what he has said, [they say] you’re right, what do we have to lose?”

Rev. Bryant agreed:  “We should be very grateful the age of Obama is finally over. Now black people have a need to come out of their political closets they’ve been in for last eight years because of emotional games played on them by progressive liberals…[even] over the last 60 years.

“Donald Trump is a prime example of someone who can show them the way…back to the prosperity this country is about,” he said.

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