Donald Trump quickly and definitively weighed in on the "birther" controversy this morning.

"President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period," he said, adding that he wants to "get back to making America strong and great again."

Trump made the brief comment at an event at his Washington, D.C. hotel, where he was endorsed by 17 recipients of the Medal of Honor.

He accused the Clinton campaign of starting the "birther controversy" back in 2008 when she was running against Obama for the Democratic nomination. 

Earlier today, Hillary Clinton called on Trump to apologize to President Obama and the American people for his past questioning of the validity of the president's birth certificate.

Clinton accused Trump of leading the "birther movement to delegitimize our first black president" and founding his campaign on the "outrageous lie." 

The issue was brought back to the forefront after Trump again declined to specifically say Obama was born in the United States.

The Clinton campaign also released a new ad highlighting Trump's past statements on the matter.

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