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Hillary Clinton is upping her attacks on Donald Trump and his "racism" to shore up the African-American vote, according to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

On "Varney & Co." today, Clarke said that strategy has worked for Democrats in the past, but this election could be different.

"Black people are as diverse as any other demographic in the United States, and they're beginning to open their eyes to this monolithic voting for Democrats," Clarke explained.

He asserted that the race card is the only one Clinton can play to appeal to the black community because she's a "one-trick pony."

"The one word that comes to mind when I think of her though is 'sinister,'" Clarke said, adding that Trump, unlike Clinton, has been treating black people with respect.

"Things have not gotten better voting for Democrats," Clarke stated. "She will not get the volume of black voters that Barack Obama or even her husband did. And that's why she's in trouble."

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