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Media outlets rushed to brand Donald Trump's claim about Hillary Clinton's involvement in birtherism an outright falsehood. But tweets from former McClatchy D.C. Bureau Chief James Asher have cast doubt on that assertion.

Asher wrote that, in 2008, long-time Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal had encouraged him to investigate the rumor that Obama was not born in America.

Radio host Richard Fowler dismissed the tweets on The Kelly File, saying he doesn't know who Asher is and his tweets need to be fact-checked.

Fowler acknowledged that the birther conspiracy could have roots in the Democratic anti-Obama PAC, People United Means Action (PUMA), but said "there's no connection to the Hillary Clinton campaign."

Megyn Kelly countered Fowler's last assertion, pointing out that Sid Blumenthal is closely connected to Clinton.

"That's her top aide, that's her guy, that's her right-hand man!"

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