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In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly talked about Hillary Clinton and her supporters in political and the media doing everything they can to blunt Donald Trump's momentum.

O'Reilly said that Clinton went "the personal route," using invective in a speech she gave today that sought to demonize Trump "as an unstable man who is hostile to a variety of Americans."

O'Reilly said this tactic won't work, because the 10% of Americans who are still persuadable "have heard all the anti-Trump stuff before."

He said that a reversal in the polls that are now favorable to Trump has shocked the Democratic Party because Trump is "an unusual candidate, to say the least, and has major baggage - as any bigtime business man would."

"But Secretary Clinton's résumé problems are more extensive than Donald Trump's, because of the FBI investigation and others. That is holding Secretary Clinton back."

Meanwhile, Trump seems to be listening to his new team, which O'Reilly says has imposed discipline on the campaign.

On the birther issue, O'Reilly said Trump got an accidental assist from President Obama, who called for the focus to shift back to more important issues.

"It was almost pathetic today to watch the ravings on cable news by anti-Trump zealots," O'Reilly said. "Did you guys just find out about the birther issue? If Trump's conceding the point, why the vitriol?"

Watch the full memo above.

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