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In recent days, Donald Trump has picked up big endorsements from top military figures and Medal of Honor recipients. Now, he can add the nation's largest police union to that list.

The National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) officially gave the Republican presidential nominee its endorsement after he received support from more than two-thirds of the group's national board.

"[Trump] has seriously looked at the issues facing law enforcement today. He understands and supports our priorities and our members believe he will make America safe again," said Chuck Canterbury, national president of the FOP.

"He's made a real commitment to America's law enforcement and we're proud to make a commitment to him and his campaign by endorsing his candidacy today."

Canterbury continued, "Donald Trump may not ever have been elected to public [office] but he is a proven leader and that's what we need for the next four years — a leader unafraid to make tough choices and see them through."

Last month, Canterbury said the union was "shocked and disappointed" that Hillary Clinton didn't seek their endorsement and didn't even talk to them.

The union, which represents 335,000 members, roughly half of all cops in the U.S., last endorsed a Democratic candidate in 1996, when it supported incumbent President Bill Clinton.

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