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Tonight on Hannity, Donald Trump's campaign manager contrasted her candidate with Hillary Clinton.

She said the former secretary of state didn't perform well at last week's Commander in Chief Forum, describing her as "very defensive, a bit off-kilter, little bit angry."

"She got seven questions, Donald Trump got 16. You know why? Because her answers are so lengthy and lawyerly. His are very concise and confident."

Conway said that with Clinton's responses "you don't know if she answered the question, because it's always a 'chutes and ladders.'"

She said that Clinton hasn't fulfilled her campaign's pledge to be aspirational, uplifting and open.

"She had four days rest and rejuvenation and she came out with the same negative messages. She does not have a positive affirmative message. It’s always an anti-Trump birther, racist, sexist message. They're not going to win on that message."

Watch the full wide-ranging interview above.

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