On the day of the release of the feature film "Snowden," Sandra Smith talked to former CIA Director James Woolsey, who said the NSA whistleblower should face trial for treason. 

There have been renewed calls for President Obama to pardon Edward Snowden, but a new House Intelligence Committee report slammed Snowden as a "traitor."

The committee's report said that Snowden betrayed the United States and that the majority of the stolen documents were defense secrets that did not pertain to Americans' privacy. 

Woolsey contrasted the Snowden leaks with the Pentagon Papers on Vietnam, which were leaked to the media in the 1970s by Daniel Ellsberg.

He said that Ellsberg leaked papers about U.S. policy, not information about operations or spies. 

Woolsey said Ellsberg was "very principled in his own way," coming back to the U.S. to be prosecuted. 

"[On] Snowden, words fail me. He ought to be brought back to the United States and be put on trial before a jury of his peers," said Woolsey, saying that if convicted of treason, Snowden should face "death by hanging."

Last night, Bill O'Reilly sat down with Snowden" director Oliver Stone, asking whether he believes presidents know more about national security matters than Snowden did. 

"No, I believe governments lie," Stone answered. "I think that they protect their own interests to get re-elected."

Watch the interview above and let us know your opinion on Snowden. Hero or traitor?

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