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Tonight on Special Report, Charles Krauthammer responded to a question about whether this election is, like the TV sit-com Seinfeld, "about nothing."

He said that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton have presented plausible economic policies.

"We have two policies. His is a 'unicorn economy' and hers is no proposals at all, other than these little items to relieve stresses in ordinary life."

He criticized Clinton for advertising the 38 proposals on her website, saying he couldn't "think of a duller thing to say in a speech."

"If that's what you're advocating, if that's how you're trying to persuade a crowd, well why don't they stay home and look at the website? And when you say that, you've said nothing. There's no overarching idea; it's more of the same." 

Meanwhile, he said, Trump is offering "the magical power of huge tax cuts, no entitlement changes -- and we're going to get a miraculous spurt in growth that's going to be sustained?"

"It's not a serious debate. As you said, it is an election about nothing. And I think these attempts at substance are proof of that."

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