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Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Bill Clinton today for saying that the scandal surrounding his wife's private email server was a bunch of "hullabaloo."

Campaigning in Las Vegas Wednesday, the former president said, "Now we know after all the hullabaloo over this email deal—you know, for a year we were told this is the biggest problem since the end of WWII. Finally, The Washington Post, to their everlasting credit, said ‘I think we have had about enough of this.’"

Judge Jeanine said Clinton is "so wrong" and his words must be "taken with a grain of salt."

"You now have an FBI and a Department of Justice that is beholden, for whatever reason, to the Clintons," Judge Jeanine said. "They are so compromised it's not funny."

She asserted that the FBI's notes on its investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails - which FBI Director James Comey dumped the Friday before Labor Day weekend - suggest that the decision not to recommend an indictment for Hillary Clinton was politically motivated.

Judge Jeanine pointed to the revelation that multiple Clinton staffers were aware of her private server, despite prior claims from Comey that they were not.

"They were emailing each other about the private server," she said. "Huma [Abedin], [Justin] Cooper as well as Cheryl Mills."

She also pushed back on Bill Clinton's claims that other secretaries of state had similar email practices, but only Hillary was investigated.

"That's wrong too. You know why? It's a public document. It's a public record. And the proof is in the pudding because Hillary Clinton would not allow the inspector general in her department to oversee what she was doing, which was collecting money for the Clinton Foundation."

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