Krauthammer: Candidates' Economic Proposals Prove 'Election Is About Nothing'

Gutfeld: Safe Spacers Will Flunk in the Real World

During a Special Report "Center Seat" segment with Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate responded to a question from Charles Krauthammer about the possibility of her inadvertently aiding Donald Trump's victory.

"I will feel terrible if Donald Trump gets elected and I will feel terrible if Hillary Clinton gets elected," Stein said.

"Equally so?" Krauthammer asked.

Stein said yes, because Clinton wants to start an "air war"  over Syria with a nuclear-armed power.

"Given Hillary's track record, not only in Iraq but in Libya, I think this is about as dangerous as it gets," she said.

"Donald Trump wants to bar Muslims from entering into this country, but Hillary Clinton has been very busy bombing Muslims in other countries."

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