Elementary School Teachers to Wear BLM Shirts to Class

'Gender Inclusivity Task Force’ Instructs Students on ‘Preferred Pronouns’

The University of Chicago faculty is defending safe spaces and trigger warnings after an administrative letter denounced the practices.

More than 140 faculty signed a letter encouraging incoming students to "speak up loudly and fearlessly" about their demands for specifically designated areas on campus free from conflicting points of view.

Today on The Five, Greg Gutfeld said the professors are wrong: "Safe spaces are less safe than lawn darts dipped in rat poison."

"For those who flee to villas of victimhood, they never learn conflict resolution and will flunk in the real world. The real world is no safe space. Try eating at Chipotle."

He said the real students who engage in the battle of ideas will flourish, "while the safe spacers become a new soft, spineless underclass."

"Imagine applying safe spaces into other arenas of life, like sports or the military or work. You'd never grow.

"Demanding immunity from such challenges is demanding an exemption from life itself. After all, the ultimate safe space is a coffin."

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