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Former secret service agent Gary Byrne and author Ed Klein joined Sean Hannity last night to discuss Hillary Clinton's health problems.

Byrne, who protected the Clintons for years, said he is "disturbed greatly" by a startling video that shows Clinton collapsing.

Byrne said he believes there's something seriously wrong with the Democratic nominee, and pneumonia or overheating are "highly suspect excuses."

Klein, who has been reporting on Clinton's health for years, agreed that she has more health issues than she's letting on.

"I’ve been speaking to friends and associates who tell me that when they visit Chappaqua, where the Clinton’s live, Hillary frequently faints or swoons," Klein said. "That when she sits down, she has to put her legs up because she’s worried about blood clots, that she has Huma Abedin bringing her cold compresses all the time."

"What we’ve seen - this video - is just the tip of the iceberg of something that’s been going on for a long time."

In an interview yesterday on Fox and Friends, Klein said Bill Clinton is aware of his wife's serious health problems and has "begged" her for years to go to the hospital and get a full medical check-up.

"She's refused to do so, because she's afraid if it leaks out," Klein said, revealing that the former president was "furious" after his wife collapsed in public Sunday and it was caught on tape.

Clinton is scheduled to be back out on the campaign trail today following her pneumonia diagnosis.

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