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Did Donald Trump retool his charity so that he could spend other people's money?

A Washington Post reporter who's been investigating the Donald J. Trump Foundation and Trump's involvement with charities joined The Kelly File to discuss.

David Fahrenthold said that unlike most foundations created by a wealthy person, the Trump Foundation relies exclusively on other people's money. He said that Trump hasn't contributed any of his own money to his foundation since 2008.

"He gives away other people's money with his own name attached," Fahrenthold said.

He said that Trump helped foster the impression that the money was coming out of his own pocket on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Fahrenthold said he's also been trying to verify Trump's claims that he gives away millions of dollars, as well as proceeds from his book and Trump University.

"He hasn't released any details about where he gives, and so I've been trying to do it for him. I've been trying to prove Donald Trump right, that he really gives money to charity."

Fahrenthold said he called 327 charities and could find only one that received a gift from Trump between 2008 and May -- one for less than $10,000 in 2009.

He also said that a claim by former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski that Trump gave $1 million to veterans turned out not to be true, and it wasn't until they were pressed that the donation went through.

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