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Donald Trump was interviewed today by Dr. Mehmet Oz, and the show announced that the two did discuss Trump's recent physical examination.

In a press release, "The Dr. Oz Show" said Trump and Oz discussed Trump's "personal health, his views on major health care policy including their recently announced child care plan and the major health care issues facing this country."

"Mr. Trump shared with Dr. Oz the results of his physical examination performed last week by Dr. Harold Bornstein, M.D. of Lennox Hill Hospital, whom has been Mr. Trump’s personal physician for many years," the release stated.

In the interview, which will air tomorrow, Dr. Oz "took Mr. Trump through a full review of systems," according to the release.

The release states that Trump and Oz went over family medical history - including cancer, dementia and heart disease - along with Trump's cardiovascular health, respiratory health, nervous system and hormone levels.

On Happening Now this morning, John Roberts reported that Trump would be speaking "in generalities" with Oz about the exam and about family issues, like his new child-care proposals. 

Roberts said Trump's daughter, Ivanka - who appeared Tuesday with Megyn Kelly - was the architect of the policies.

The campaign said the detailed records from last week's physical will be released to the media when the interview airs.

Meantime, Dr. Oz discussed the upcoming interview on Fox News Radio, telling Brian Kilmeade that a generation ago, Americans would not have known about a president's health.

"I think the world has changed and I think we have an expectation as a nation," he said, adding that he plans to ask the 70-year-old about his diet and fast-food consumption. 

The celebrity doctor said he won't ask Trump anything that he doesn't want to answer.

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On America's Newsroom earlier, Dr. Marc Siegel said both candidates must release their health records in full in the name of transparency.

Siegel said he has been calling for this since 2008 when John McCain released 1,100 pages of information to reporters.

"Information takes the place of speculation," he argued, explaining that the stress of the campaign schedule can take its toll on older people like Clinton, 68, and Trump. 

Siegel said he wants full disclosure from the Clinton campaign about the severity of the pneumonia and her recurring fainting episodes, especially because Clinton takes blood-thinning medication.

Watch his analysis below. 

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