Hillary Clinton's campaign went on a Trump-like tweet-storm this afternoon, firing off 20 tweets in an hour. 

Chris Wallace, host of Fox News Sunday, joked this afternoon that it's almost as if the two candidates have "switched identities."

He pointed out that the flurry of tweets from Clinton's campaign came on the heels of Trump unveiling a child-care plan which has been likened to Democratic spending proposals.

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"It's almost like in addition to all the health issues, the candidates have had a personality transplant," said Wallace, who has been chosen to moderate the third presidential debate on October 19.

Clinton, pointing out a Newsweek report about the Trump Organization's "dangerous ties" and possible conflicts of interests, went on to pose 20 questions to the billionaire. 

Here are a few of them...

Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin pointed out that the tweets are from the campaign not Clinton, who signs her personal messages with an "H."

Clinton is scheduled to be back out on the campaign trail tomorrow after she was diagnosed with pneumonia and fainted as she left a 9/11 ceremony on Sunday.

Watch the discussion above and don't miss Fox News Sunday this weekend as Chris talks to George Clooney and fellow human rights activist George Prendergast.

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