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Tonight on The Kelly File, Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino reacted to revelations from Colin Powell's hacked emails, which slammed both presidential candidates.

Stirewalt said it's not surprising Powell feels the way he does about Trump, but he was surprised by the "venom" the former secretary of state apparently has for the Clintons.

"And I think, frankly, Colin Powell is speaking for a big swath of the electorate," he added.

Megyn Kelly said she was struck by the "honesty" in Powell's emails, saying that he tapped into the narrative about the two candidates from people who are dissatisfied.

Dana Perino said she was "amazed" that Powell has been dragged into the news cycle and said both campaigns are "very smart" not to comment on the leaks.

"I wouldn't comment, either. I would absolutely try to let it go. I might even send him a note saying 'We're sorry that that happened to you' and leave it at that."

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