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In tonight's Talking Points, Bill O'Reilly weighed in on revelations from hacked Colin Powell emails and the tightening White House race.

He said that the lesson from Powell's hacking is that "there is no privacy in this world."

"Hackers can get into your system. You can be tape recorded at any moment. You can be photographed without your knowledge. And people can even listen to your private conversations while you're in your home, using technology.

"What an awful situation."

O'Reilly said former Secretary of State Powell is "one of the savviest political players in America," and that if "a guy like [him] can be hacked, anybody can."

"The effect on the vote will probably be minimal," O'Reilly predicted. "But we can expect more hacking stuff between now and election day."

O'Reilly then commented on a few new polls that show Donald Trump gaining in the race.

"While mid-September polls are interesting, the first debate on Monday, September 26th is likely to change things. Both candidates know if they lose that debate they could very well lose the election."

Watch the memo above.

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