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Syndicated columnist Dr. Charles Krauthammer commented on the recent hacking and subsequent release of Gen. Colin Powell’s [Ret.] emails.

The emails showed a strong disdain for Republican Donald Trump, who he blasted for forwarding the “birther” controversy, which looked to prove that President Obama was born in Kenya rather than in Hawaii—and therefore Constitutionally unable to be commander-in-chief.

He also criticized Hillary Clinton for involving him in her email scandal by mentioning his name, as well as alleged advice he gave her regarding setting up a personal email server.

“He’s an equal opportunity skeptic…he’s been near particularly to the Clintons,” Krauthammer said on Special Report with Bret Baier.

“I understand why he’d be particularly upset by being dragged into this saga of email cover-ups…and documents.”

“As former secretary of state and secretary of defense, [Powell] knows about the world reaction to the possibility of a Trump presidency, in his rather scathing remarks.”

“[Clinton] hung Colin Powell out to dry,” Hill newspaper columnist A.B. Stoddard added.

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