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“I’m a Trump supporter [and have been] for quite a long time,” legendary actor Jon Voight told Stuart Varney on Varney & Company.

“I think he’s a problem solver…he’s used to taking on impossible jobs…and solving them.”

Voight, known for his roles stretching from “Coming Home” to the “National Treasure” series to the motion picture version of “Mission: Impossible”, has a history of supporting conservative causes and Republican candidates, including 2012 nominee Mitt Romney.

“He has tremendous energy,” Voight said, adding that he has been impressed by Trump’s pivot to policy-themed speeches, including Tuesday’s women’s health forum in Delaware County, Pa.

Varney noted there were very few actors like Voight in Hollywood that identify as conservative or Republican, some of which include Kelsey Grammer, James Woods and Dennis Miller.

He asked Voight if there was ever a chance Trump could complete the otherwise impossible mission of winning the Democratic stronghold of California.

 “I don’t think there’s anywhere Donald Trump can’t win if he gets his team focused and finds a way to introduce himself to the people.”

“Once people see who he is, they cling to him, and that’s it!” Voight said.

“This is not an act with him…he loves people—and his heart goes out to people.”

Voight also discussed Hillary Clinton’s campaign, including her ‘basket of deplorables’ swipe at half of Trump’s supporters.

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