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Tonight on The Five, Greg Gutfeld called out conservatives for cheering on Wikileaks and Russian hackers, calling it "selfish, deliberate moral blindness that comes with team sport politics."

"What does it say when you embrace one hack because it hurts someone, but not another?" Gutfeld asked. "Doesn't that make you a hack, too?"

On Wikileaks head Julian Assange, who's been teasing an anticipated dump of Hillary Clinton documents, Gutfeld said "it's so inspiring to see conservatives lauding a man who jeopardized our security, a man such righties had previously wanted in jail."

When leaks hurt Democrats, Gutfeld said, "all bets -- and principles are off."

"So, drool with glee over scoop after scoop of exposed linen, feeding that proverbial crocodile, hoping it will eat you last. And when it does, I'll provide the condiments."

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