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Can Donald Trump flip a historically blue state in his favor?

That’s the question Brit Hume posed to Scott Thistle of the Portland Press-Herald in Portland, Maine.

The Pine Tree State has awarded its electors to the Democrats in the last six presidential elections.

Following that trend, the Real Clear Politics average of polls through the summer showed Hillary Clinton with a commanding lead over Donald Trump; 43 to 36 percent.

However, Thistle said Trump has been gaining on Clinton in recent weeks:

A new Boston Globe/Colby College poll shows Trump gained four points to garner 39 percent support from the time Thistle’s newspaper commissioned a poll in June, he reported.

Clinton’s popularity has stayed static at 42 percent over that time, according to the two polls.

“Donald Trump is clearly leading in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District,” Thistle said.

The district is the more northern and rural of the state’s pair.

Thistle also discussed whether recent controversial remarks by the state’s firebrand conservative Republican governor Paul LePage might hurt Trump’s chances of turning the state red.

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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